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October 5, 2006

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Life's Obstacles Overcome: New Book Based on True Story of Woman's Fight to Put Personal Demons to Rest
PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance
According to author Andrea R. Taylor, childhood sexual abuse is more prevalent than was once believed and its ramifications are deep and longstanding. In her new book, "Is It A Child's Fault, Too?" , Taylor reminds readers that the obstacles in one's life can be overcome through

Mental illness a lifelong struggle
The Beaver County Times
Editor's note: Staff writer Patti Conley followed several local people with mental illness for more than a year in an attempt to shed light on their struggle. In this three-day series, four shared their lives in the hope for more understanding.

Commitment trial for sex offender begins
Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier
WATERLOO --- A Waterloo man with a record of sex crimes dating back to when he was a teenager is on trial to determine if he should be committed to mental health facility for treatment.

Animal Hoarding Signals Serious Mental Disorder
Fox News
Aside from being an issue of animal cruelty, experts say animal hoarding is a widely misunderstood mental disorder and are calling for further examination of the condition.

Aussie outfit suffers from multiple personality disorder on sophomore outing.
IGN Music
October 4, 2006 - Noel and Liam Gallagher aren't dead, are they?

Psychologist: Sex offender is likely to commit more crimes
Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier
WATERLOO --- A Waterloo man who recently finished serving time in prison is at "high risk" to commit another sex crime within the next six years, a psychologist testified Wednesday.

Pet hoarding called a disorder
Experts say type of animal cruelty is more an illness than a crime People collect lots of things - salt shakers, antiques, dolls - but when they start to collect animals by the hundreds, it crosses a line.

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